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What is tunebite?
Tunebite is a Windows software product, which, once installed on the PC, fully automatically or manually records the music you have purchased online as you are playing it back. It is completely legal to record and playback on a different reproducer of yours. Tunebite is technology-proof, does not bypass any digital copy protection and therefore conforms with all digital copy protection measures, provided that the user is legally entitled to listen to the music.

Further highlights:
1. Enhanced GUI
- the main window is now available even when the application runs in automatic mode
- recorded tracks list
- recording indicator and progress
2. VBR encoding support for lame (mp3) encoder

Apple Play Fair and Digital Rights Management section

Online music platforms provide the means to purchase or download music in different formats. Available formats are: Apple Play Fair, Microsoft Digital Rights Management (DRM) and Sony Atrac. The different formats aim to prevent pirate copies and abuse by limiting the possibilities of use in multiple ways. Songs that are format-protected can have endings like AAC, M4P, WMA etc.

Supported formats

Tunebite saves your recordings in .ogg format. Tunebite can also record in mp3-format. For this purpose you should have a license and access to the enc_lame.dll file. You can download this file from the Internet. You can find the appropriate providers by using search engines. Tunebite also is a converter for M4P and protected WMA files.

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