Audials Tunebite

Audials Tunebite 2.0

rerecord DRM, protected WMA, M4P music files
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Tunebite for Microsoft Windows automatically or manually records copy-protected music you’ve purchased online while you’re playing it—at turbo speed. Recording music you’ve already purchased is legal when the recordings are for your own private use. Tunebite works with any digital copy protection format without illegally defeating copy protection technology or violating the spirit of copy protection measures. Tunebite frees you from the frustrating personal restrictions digital copy protection formats can sometimes create by saving your recordings as unprotected MP3, OGG or WMA files you can use on any music player. - Records copy-protected music while it is being played - Saves recordings in unprotected, digital quality MP3, OGG and WMA formats - Leverages High Speed Digital Dubbing for turbo-speed recording - Supports listening to other music during the recording process, independent from sound card functionality - Recognizes when music is being played and automatically records it - Automatically configures recording levels and devices - Supports automatically recording large volumes of music - Automatically saves track title, artist and album name (ID3 tag compatible) - Records using the standard volume level of the entire music collection Tunebite does not copy music files or defeat copy-protection technology. Its sole legitimate use is to record music being played in other programs for the purpose of creating recordings intended for private use only. Exchanging, selling or giving away such recordings is restricted and/or prohibited by international copyright laws. Any user who installs Tunebite on his or her computer, records music tracks and transfers or makes these recordings available to other individuals is punishable under these laws and may face criminal prosecution by and be liable for damages to the injured party. Individuals who have received music tracks that have been recorded with Tunebite put themselves at the same risk.

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