Audials Tunebite

Audials Tunebite 5.1

re-records music audio books & video clips
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Tunebite = Multiple-Speed-Rerecording in Digitial Qualtiy. Converts files to free MP3, WMA, WMV and MPE4. Automatically recording of music, audio books and video clips while playing on the PC. Records WMA, M4P, AAC and Audio book formats M4B and AALeverages 4x High Speed Digital Dubbing for turbo-speed recording Identification of already recorded audio files. Converts comfortably new files from music flat rate subscriptionsSupports listening to other music during the recording process, independent from sound card functionalityRecognizes when music is being played and automatically records it (background mode)Automatically configures audio recording levels and devicesDisplays the optimum recording level on an oscilloscope monitor while recordingShows cover artwork during recording Saves audio recordings in unprotected, digital quality MP3, OGG and WMA formatsAutomatically saves track title, artist and album name (ID3 tag compatible)Adapts volume to the average volume level of the entire music collection (normalization) Allows music tracks to be saved in various folders based on artist and album Records video clip file formats WMV & M4V Due to Speed-Managed-Digital-Dubbing recordings are also possible with PCs with weak CPU Advanced optimized algorithm to keep A/V-synchronization at CPU usage peaksAutomatically configures video recording levels and devicesShows Video-clip, buffering and frame drops as quality assurance Saves video recordings in unprotected, digital quality WMV & MPEG4 Special add on: 3ivx video encoder for unprotected MP4

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