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Tunebite is a multimedia file converter and web recorder
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Tunebite is a multimedia file converter and web recorder. As a file converter, it supports only a few formats, for both audio and video. It can convert a single file or a folder with files in it in a batch. For each file, you can select a conversion profile, which lists both the audio and video formats that are going to be used for the conversion. The built-in profiles allow you to convert files for playback on computers, playback devices like XBOX, PS3 and DVD players and even specific software players. Additionally, you can only convert the audio from a video file. Conversion is pretty fast, and Tunebite can even get rid of copy protections like DRM. There is a CD/DVD burner included for when you want to save those files for posterity.

Perhaps the other feature of this application is the most interesting one; the web recorder. With this ingenious feature, you can record any audio and video that is played on your web browser or any other application. When you activate it, you can choose to record audio or video, or both. I gave the audio recorder some extensive testing. It detects automatically when you open a video on Youtube or sites like that, or when you play music on your music player. It automatically starts recording and when you stop it it will convert the file and add it to your playlist. You have to play the whole song for the application to record it. If you pause the song on YouTube, Tunebite will not pause the recording, so you have to stay on top of this for the duration of the song. The quality of the audio and video is exactly the same as the source. So, for better quality choose the HD versions of the videos and songs that you want to record.

Both features of Tunebite can be found in AudialsOne, the company's most complete all-in-one solution. There are two versions of Tunebite available for purchase. Some features are not accessible in the cheapest one.

José Fernández
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  • It converts and plays most files.
  • It records video and audio from web sites and applications.
  • It is easy to use.
  • Complete help


  • As a file converter, it supports only a few formats
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