Audials Tunebite

Audials Tunebite 8.0

Audials Tunebite quickly tackle copy-protection challenges of every kind
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Audials Tunebite is the world’s most reliable, intuitive and popular way to quickly tackle copy-protection challenges of every kind. Why continue suffering from the torment of DRM for media you’ve legally acquired? Let Audials Tunebite convert your M4P and protected WMA to MP3 files that will never cramp your style again. Tunebite is also the reliable way to put an end to file format incompatibility problems.
Audials Tunebite frees music files from copy protection by re-recording them at the highest possible quality level to create completely legal, unprotected copies. Brought to a state of perfection through years of development and customer feedback, Audials’ innovative re-recording technology has now been extended and enhanced to work with video files. As a result, Audials is able to create a completely legal, unprotected, high-quality copy of any DVD-based movie.
The Audials screen recorder also works in the background to automatically record every Flash video (FLV) you view as you browse the Web. Your recordings are saved in any desired format. Protected Flash films (RTMP-E streams) and HD resolution films are also no problem for Audials.

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